It all started April 1, 1956
(Courtesy Floyd Perry Jr)

KJOY Studios in the Hotel Stockton on the Corner of El Dorado and Weber - 1960

The Studios on the corner of El Dorado and Weber
(also known as the corner of "walk and don't walk")

April, 1981

KJOY Transmitter on Beyer Lane

1959 Survey

John Cameron remote broadcast (1950's)

Dion, Kathy Young, Denny Kerwin, Unknown,
Jeanne Black and Ron Reynolds (at mic). 1960

1963 Chart

1963 "Top Tunes"

"Hit Parade" from 1964

The KJOY "Good Guy" Card

"Good Guys" Mug
(Photo courtesy Jay Arnold)


Studio at night

Mark "Webster" Mehring - 1969 doing board work for Terry Nelson

Terry Nelson - 1969 from outside the KJOY window.
Note the KJAX automation system in the background.

1970 - Page 1

1970 - Page 2

1970 Survey

From 1970


Bill Bishofberger visiting Terry Nelson - Approx. 1970
(Bill would join the KJOY staff in 1978)

David Allyn Kraham, Terry Nelson, Mike Wynn and Don Hoffman - 1971

1972 Survey

1973 Survey

1974 Survey

Pete Gross

Mark (Webster) Mehring, cira 1974

Derek Waring - 1974


1980 Survey

"KJOY Bonanza Club"
Roy Williams, Ort Loftus, a Bonanza club member, Joe Field, and Mike Wynn
at the Stockton Inn in 1979

"KJOY Bonanza Club"
Joe Field with an unidentified Bonanza contest winner (her
entire outfit was made from McDonald's register receipts and french fry boxes!

The Bonanza Crowd

Dance-A-Thon 1979

From "Fred Directory of Radio Stations" - 1980

The Production Room in the basement
Bill Bishofberger hosting "Hotline" talk show - 1980

Salesman Joe Field "playing" DJ - 1981

The KJOY Hot Air Balloon (1980-1982)

KJOY Hot Air Balloon Lapel Pin

Matt Meaney circa 1978

KJOY Baseball Team

Bill Bishofberger interviewing John Garamendi -Election night-1980

KJOY production of a "Break-In" - 1980
Interviewer asks a question to a celebrity
and the answer/joke comes in the form of a snippet of a popular song.
(Click on photo to hear/"see" the recording on YouTube)
Contributed by Joe Field

Johnny Milford

Scott Thomas/Dean Tiernan

KJOY Studio

KJOY Studio


The KJOY Announcing Staff as drawn by Jerry Fuentes

Lois Zettas' Day as drawn by Jerry Fuentes

Tim Rose - 1980

Jerry Fuentes with Stockton's Chris Isaak - 1985

"Live Aid for Africa" broadcast from Sherwood Mall - 1985
Bill Bishofberger on air

July 13, 1985. Live Aid Concert Viewing Party
(l-r) John Rozelle, Scott Thomas, Lea Isetti, Kelley Car, Nadine Livesey Lois Zettas, Johnny Milford,
Dave Holmes,  Bill Bishofberger, Aida Pizano, Joe Field and Roy Williams

"Live Aid for Africa" broadcast team
(l-r) John Rozelle, Scott Thomas, Lea Isetti, Kelley Car, Lois Zettas, Dave Holmes,
 Bill Bishofberger, Aida Pizano, Joe Field, Johnny Milford, and Roy Williams

KJOY Sales Staff
John Rozelle, Will Watson, Gary Marchetti and Joe Field

Chrys Fasoli - Headshot that hung in Reception Area -1986

Bill Bishofberger - Headshot that hung in Reception Area -1986

1987 - Mike Galanos and Steve Lyle

Steve Jackson

The 1280KJOY T-Shirt


Bill Bishofberger - 1987

Joe Field with Christine Chenowith

Stan Lee, Jerry Fuentes and Spiderman

Steve Young

Joe Field and Tim Rose

Nominated for "Music Director of the Year"


Stockton Record Ad

Secretaries Day Contest Winners
Kelly Stevens and Mark De Anda (morning team) top of picture,
Roy Williams (Operations Manager) and Bill Bishofberger (Program Director) on right

Diane Cartwright and Kelly Stevens

Diane Cartwright with Troy Donahue

Broadcast Booth at San Joaquin County Fair

Joe Field and Bill Bishofberger

Lea Isetti (Receptionist), Joe Field (Sales) and Nadine Livesey (Traffic)

Carolyn Prible (Traffic) with daughter Janet

David Allyn Kraham

Joe Field, Bill Bishofberger, Kim Beebe (Fuentes) and Lea Isetti -Back Row
Libby Field, Jerry Fuentes and Nadine Livesey - Front Row

Station Owner/General Manager Ort Lofthus, Sales Manager Gary Marchetti,
Program Director/Air Personality Roy Williams, Administrative Exec Lea Isetti,
Salesman Joe Field (taken 6/7/2016)

Johnny Milford and Terry Nelson - September 2017

Ort Lofthus and Johnny Milford - September 2017

Back Row: Kim Fuentes, Lea Isetti, Bill Bishofberger, Joe Field, Libby Field
Front Row: Jerry Fuentes, Nadine Livesey, Ort Lofthus, Johnny Milford - December 2019

Maria and Johnny Milford, Bill Bishofberger, Aida Pizano, Lea Isetti, Al "Roadrunner" Heathman,
Nadine Livesey, Gary Marchetti, Roy and Lynn Williams, Joe and Libby Field and Paulette Wichman.
April 2022 at Ort Lofthus Celebration of Life

Roy Williams, Johnny Milford and Scott Thomas - Feb. 2023


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